I've been very hands on as a director of stop-motion and traditional animation as well as live-action.  I like to get involved with the preproduction creative process, setting the tone in the right direction.  Once we get to production, I'm all about finding it together.  Collaboration is key and ideas are always the answer.  I truly love directing; from the endless problems to the even more endless inventive solutions.  Above all, I love telling stories in new ways.


I've always loved writing original scripts and punching-up them up.  My strong suit leans towards comedy writing, specifically sketch comedy.  However, I also have a knack for finding the heart of a story/scene/relationship and exposing it dramatically.  My stories I enjoy most as an audience and writer are- if I may be so cliche, the ones that make you laugh and make you cry.

*Scripts, sketches, punch-up, and other material available upon request.


I've been storyboarding for over 14 years on various animated and live-action television shows, features, commercials, and music videos.  My strengths lean towards comedy, horror, and delivering a lot of heart.  My favorite part of figuring out story is group collaboration.  It's honestly one of my favorite things; to have a nugget of an idea made better by bouncing it off of the others in the room and crafting the story into something entertaining.       


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At the tender age of four, David knew he wanted to pursue a life in animation. Growing up in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling, IL, he was obsessed with cartoons and drew constantly with the hopes to someday participate in the industry he adored.  After years of artistic hardship and community involvement, he eventually graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 with a major in Film & Television (and a concentration in Traditional Animation, with Honors.)  On December 17,2005, he arrived in Los Angeles and found work at Shadowmachine Films on the hit stop-motion animated show “Robot Chicken”. Here he also befriended his comedy-writer idol, Dino Stamatopoulos and began working on Dino’s show, “Moral Orel”.  Over time, Dino allowed David to write, direct and have other involvement in the show.  In 2009, David became a director on Dino's 2nd stop-motion animated show, “Mary Shelley’s Frankehole”.  When the show ended after two seasons, David made his debut into film, storyboarding on "The LEGO Movie" under the guidance of his longtime friend and director, Chris McKay.  This led to three more Lego films and more work at Warner Animation Group.  During this time, David began sharpening his writing skills by writing for the LA-based sketch comedy troupe, “SecondHand Smog”.  He also jumped back into television to work on the widely successful Netflix show, "Bojack Horseman".  Currently, David is still heavily involved in animation and film.  He is busily creating his own animated sketch comedy, developing and pitching show ideas whenever he can, and hoping to someday direct and write his own published creation.     

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